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JetBee Free 5.0.1 Build 435 Free Download

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JetBee Free description A simple, smart and reliable software application for burning CDs and DVDs. JetBee is a great software application for burning CDs and DVDs. To burn a disc by virtue of JetBee simply add files to the required project (Data disc, Audio disc, DVD disc, UDF disc), press 'Burn' button and you'll get a recorded disc with photos, music, video, data or bootable disc of your choice in a few minutes. You can easily burn an iso image, copy disc or save disc image to burn it later, to create an iso image from your files and many more. JetBee supports all popular disc burning devices: CD burners, DVD burners, Blu-Ray burners and HD-DVD burners. All above is easy to make. It's really worth trying. Requirements: · Pentium II-300 MHz or faster processor · At least 32 MB of RAM · SVGA video card or better · 2 MB free hard drive space for installation What's New in This Release: · Rewritten UDF burning code: now with multisession (ability to import previous burning track) and national character filenames. · Disc label with the possibility of inserting variables. · Discography (ability to save the project burned into a directory with Search option included. · Ability to assign a certain number of copies while burning. · Volume label names now can accept non-English names. · Boot image handling code changed. Now we patch CRC checksums so Linux bootable media works. · IFO/BUP patching fixed. Better DVD-Video compatibility. · DVD+R DL (Double Layer) now correctly sets layer break border. · PIONEER 116 and 216 (PATA & SATA models) workaround added. · Numerous bugfixes & hardware workarounds added.
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